ML350 All Season Mats – Do you Really Need Them

So how do you keep those nice ML350 Mercedes Benz carpets clean?   I’m glad you asked.  We’ll I’ll tell you this, it’s not easy.  With a growing kid, soccer, golf, basketball, swimming and tae kwon do.  There’s plenty of opportunity to get the carpets filthy.  If you have a kid you know what I mean.

The best way I’ve found to keep the carpet as close to new as possible has been with all weather mats.

Now they’re not all made equally.  My initial set of rubber all weather mats was with a set of front and back, no cargo liner unfortunately, Rubbermaid set.  The set was a great help and it helped to keep the bulk of the trash, dust, grass and sand off the carpet.  They did a fine job and lasted a good while but they did not cover as well as some of the custom fitted Weathertech mats that are available now.

The Weathertech all season mats have been designed to fit just about perfectly to the contours of the vehicles.  The fit is incredible and they almost look like they’re original equipment.



I read all the reviews I could find and they all raved about how effective they are at keeping the car not just clean but easy to clean when it does inevitably get dirty.

Being rubber they do great for grass, dirt and sand.  I do a lot of road biking and these mats have saved the carpet on the cargo area from more than one chain grease stain.  Unfortunately there’s a couple under the mat, that got there before I installed the cargo liner but it’s been a great product so far.

The front and second row liners do a great job at keeping the cherrios, banana peels and the never to be ignored chocolate chips off the carpet.  Can’t say the same for the seats though but with a little one you cant get too upset.  Those chocolate chips are a pain to clean especially after a hot day.  They start to melt onto what ever they land on and honestly, I start to cry on the inside, every time I have to clean one of those up.

When youre car sees a little one grow from birth to now 9 years old, the way mine has, you’ll find stuff under your rear seats that you don’t even remember EVER feeding them.

I ordered these online and was very excited to get them into the truck.  Fortunately I had read enough reviews to know that the mats would arrive rolled up and I wouldnt be too disappointed when I couldnt just drop them in when they arrived.  Being rubber they where not going to just unroll like a yoga mat and fit right in.  So here’s what I recommend when you get them at home.

  1. Remove the tape or what ever they’re bound with
  2. Roll out as flat as possible
  3. Set them outside, if possible, in a warm sunny space.  This makes it easier and faster to get them straight.
  4. Be patient and fit them in.

They’ll probably fit right into the space but if there’s a lift here and there dont worry.  One warm sunny day is all it’ll take to get it fitter.

So are they really necessary, we’ll you could live without them.

I did but if you’re looking to keep your vehicle for a long time and would like to keep it as nice and clean as it was when you drove it out of the lot, I would recommend the fitted set.

They’re more money but they really are worth it.  It’s more affordable to cough up for a nice set of mats than to roll out a new ML350 out of the lot.

Ready to Ride!

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