ML350 oil change with pictures Part 2

I meant to continue this post days ago but I couldnt find the time.  Here’s the rest of what I intended to put up.   Enjoy and I hope it helps.

While you wait for the oil to drain out you’ll want to get started on your oil filter replacement and dont forget to change the seals.  Here’s the one I like to use.  I like to order one or two from Auto Parts Warehouse. I find it easier to get a couple from them than to hassle around trying to find an auto parts store that has one.  I dont like to skimp on the oil filter and use a cheap one.  I figure I give it an oil change every 10,000 miles which for me is about 6 months.  Why go cheap.

Note: this is for a 2004 Ml 350.  Don’t go blaming me if you get the wrong one for  your car.  Ha Ha Ha.  I’m sure it can’t be to different for other years that are close.  Check just to make sure.

Here’s a view of the used oil filter.

Now about those seals on the oil filter shaft.  There’s a total of four seals.  Make sure you change all of them.  They will come with the replacement filter you get from Auto Parts Warehouse.

It’s a long shaft, damn that just doesnt sound right.  Anyway, I had to break the picture up into two.  Check below.

When you replace them, they can be tight to remove.  Just take a small screw driver and carefully remove them.  Below is a shot of the first two.

Here’s what it should look like with the new seals and the filter installed.  Follow the instructions on your replacement filter.

Put the filter back into the case and tighten it to the mark you made when you started.  Notice the marks I’ve made.  The red marks are from the dealer.

It’ll feel tight about half way down.  It’s OK keep on going till you reach the marks.  I like to get to the mark or just before it if it’s feeling to tight.

Now, before you start pouring oil dont forget about putting back the drain plug below.  Here’s the after picture.  After I cleaned it up a little.  Your oil filter will  probably come with a new ring.  The  copper looking one.  Replace that one also.

Now you’re ready to pour.  I like to wrap the oil fill with a cloth for those unfortunate accidents that happen sometimes.  Again, being that I only do this about every 6 months.  I dont skimp on the oil either.  I go for Mobil 1 synthetic.  Choose the correct weight for your area and temperatures.  I’m in LA and it’s usually hot here.  I usually get it on the lighter side.  My ML350 is now in the 75,000 miles range.

My 2004 ML 350 uses about 8.5 quartz of oil.  Check your dip stick as you fill and don’t over fill it.  Better to stop and check it once the oil settles in or the following day.  That’s it guys and gals.  Ready to ride.


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