ML350 oil change with pictures

Hey here’s a recent oil change I did on my truck.  Just for reference I have a 2004 ML 350.  I do most of the maintenance on it now that it’s not covered and I have to say.  From most vehicles that I have owned.  Except for a 69 Beetle.  This is one of the easiest to work on.  Check the pictures below.

Above is the engine view, I forgot to take a picture of it with the cover on.  The cover pops right out.  It’s not fastened in any way.  To make it easier to remove, tilt it to towards the passenger side.   That rear left hook is a little tricky because of the small clearance it has.

Here’s the oil cap that houses the oil filter.  I’ve marked it right at the notch to estimate where it should stop when I’m tightening it after replacing the filter.  It’s easy to remove.  Turn it counter clockwise and to reduce the damage to it you can wrap it with a towel and then put the oil filter remover.  I have one with teeth so I always use a towel.  Except for the first time.  Can you tell?

This picture isnt that great but you can see the filter still in the case.  Make sure to keep it clean and covered while you’re working.

close up of the case where the filter goes.  Cover it up while working.

Now head below the front of the truck and locate the drain plug.  It should’nt be to hard to recognize.  By the way.  I always have trouble with the draining.  For some reason I always end up having to do some clean up.  I would recommend a large oil pan.  You’ve been warned. Ha Ha


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